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Hope for Today Bible

"This is my Bible, I am what it says I am, I have what it says I have, I can do what it says I can do."

These are the words of promise and hope that we have been declaring over the lives of people all over the world since the beginning of our ministry. We invite you to explore this special Hope for Today Edition of the New Living Translation Bible. It is our desire that you would be inspired every day by the life-giving, supernatural, God-breathed Scriptures.

As you read, study and believe these words from God, you'll discover how much He truly loves you and the wonderful, unique plan he has for your life. God wants you to know Him and His goodness. He wants to have a dynamic, thriving, personal relationship with you. One of the primary ways to develop your relationship with him is through reading and studying His Word.

We pray that the insights and encouragements in this special edition will fill you with hope for today and faith for tomorrow, so that you can live the abundant life God has in store for you!